Fubon GO - Your Life, Your Way


We teamed up with MIRROR to create a multimedia campaign that includes a TV commercial, billboards, posters, corporate gifts and a mall pop-up event to promote Fubon Bank's new app, Fubon GO.

Video Production
Graphic Design
Event Production
Banking and Finance

We have launched a new marketing campaign for Fubon GO, which is the second one after our successful collaboration with Star Academy. For this campaign, we created a TV commercial that features MIRROR members Frankie, Alton, and Stanley. We managed the entire production process in-house, from storyboarding to filming and post-production, using equipment partially owned by our team, such as the BOLT mechanical arm.

After filming the commercial, we had a photoshoot to create materials for Fubon bank's promotional period. These materials included posters, billboards, event set design, corporate gift design, social media stickers, and ads of different sizes.