Albion - Luxury Skincare


We partnered with Albion, a luxury Japanese skincare brand, to shoot a series of 4 commercials featuring Edan from the popular group 'Mirror'.

Video Production

We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with Albion, one of Japan's most renowned cosmetics brands, alongside the local superstar, Edan@MIRROR. We’re also excited to bring Albion's celebrated Japanese products to Hong Kong. This collaboration has been one of our most memorable shoots, characterized by a smooth and enjoyable process.

The promotional video showcases Albion's latest product, and we must admit, the shoot was quite challenging. However, from our dedicated crew to the talented actor, from the Albion team to Edan from MIRROR, everyone exhibited exceptional professionalism and commitment. Thanks to the collective effort, our concerns were unfounded, and the outcome is truly outstanding. This video wouldn't have been a success without each person's contribution.

For those eager to see the final result, stay tuned for the video on @albion_hk! We are already looking forward to our next collaboration.

P.S: Pay attention to the final few seconds of the video and discover a surprising twist!