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We recently created TVCs for Albion with the renowned duo, Meaning & Michiru, ensuring a seamless shoot through meticulous planning. Check out @albion_hk for the final product and look forward to more projects celebrating Japan's timeless beauty.

TVP Project
Video Production

Beauty Through Generations: Unveiling Secrets with Albion

Recently, we had the pleasure of shooting a new series of TVCs for Albion. This time, we were thrilled to collaborate with the renowned couple duo, Meaning & Michiru!

Given the tight schedule of the shoot, extensive preparation was essential. Our team meticulously crafted detailed storyboards and ensured all props were ready well in advance. Thanks to our dedicated crew, these thorough preparations allowed the shooting process to proceed smoothly.

This project was a significant learning experience for us. Beyond gaining valuable insights, it was a delight to partner with Albion. The collaboration was incredibly rewarding, and we’re already looking forward to our next project together!

Curious about the final product? Head over to @albion_hk to see the result. We hope our efforts and dedication shine through in the commercial. A big thank you to everyone involved—both in front of the camera and behind the scenes—for making this collaboration possible.

Looking ahead, we are eager to continue our partnership with Albion and create more captivating TVCs. Our greatest wish is to bring the timeless beauty of Japan to the people of Hong Kong.