Boost Your Rankings Now: Try These 8 Incredible Google SEO Tools Today!

Jan 24, 2021
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Angus Yip

While SEO practitioners have plenty of tools to select from, we've put together an exclusive list of the 8 most essential--and free!--official Google SEO tools. Not only do these resources facilitate you in solving your website's SEO obstacles, but they also make certain that your work is completed quickly and efficiently!

1. Google My Business【Link

If you're searching for a specific company, Google's "Google My Business" list on the right-hand side of its search results page offers detailed information about that business—including address and contact details. Plus, customers can easily locate these businesses within Google Maps too! With this feature it's never been easier to access what matters: essential data like operating hours or phone numbers in just seconds.

Google search result for "media studio", Google my business listing for Media Studio Hong Kong is highlighted

Google My Business simplifies the process of connecting existing and potential customers to your company. Not only can people locate all relevant information easier, you can also update business location details, operating hours, detailed descriptions regarding what makes your company unique, upload photos that accurately showcase how awesome it is to be connected with you; as well as providing exclusive coupons for loyal supporters and obtaining reviews from 3rd party sources like Google Merchant.

All this not just helps build more success for businesses but even has a direct influence on their SEO ranking! So now that we understand its importance - let's dive into the steps required in setting up an account: first off create one via Google then they'll need to verify the data supplied through traditional mail services before being able to start inputting additional info onto GMB accounts.

Google My Business Verification Postcard | Pin Number

2. Google Analytics【Link

Google Analytics (GA) is a potent and free tool from the search engine giant that can dramatically improve website traffic analysis. To get the most out of your SEO optimization, you need to be armed with crucial data - like how much traffic comes from search engines, which pages are performing well, user queries and bounce rates. GA offers an array of dimensions for reviewing these indicators and customizing them depending on your necessities.

Setting up and managing Google Analytics is a breeze! To start, you simply need to install the GA verification code on your website. This is simple: just upload the specified file to authenticate attribution, then place the GA code onto each page of your site. That's all it takes!

3. Google Search Console【Link

Google Search Console is a priceless asset for SEO professionals. By validating your domain name, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your website on Google and receive notifications and advice from them to maximize optimization. Not only will this help with better management of your site but it also improves visibility on search engines which makes its use imperative!

Setting up and managing Google Search Console is a breeze! Just log in, add your website URL to the system, and verify that you're its rightful owner. With just a few simple steps you can have access to invaluable insights about how people are finding your site on search engines like Google.

4. Google Mobile-Friendly Test【Link

Are you aware that 60% of all searches now come from cell phones? Google has been paying increased attention to mobile device friendliness in recent years - and luckily, they offer an easy-to-use free tool for testing the mobile friendly nature of a website. All you have to do is enter your website address into the text box and click analyze; after just a few seconds, as seen below, you'll be presented with results!

If your site fails the examination, it will also inform you which elements of your mobile environment are not user-friendly and provide advice on how to better them.

5. Google PageSpeed Insights【Link

This Google SEO tool evaluates the loading speed of your website so you know how to optimize it for a better user experience. With this analysis, website pages can be thoroughly inspected and tailored suggestions provided to webmasters in order to detect any problems that could impede speed. As such, necessary edits can then be made and visitors will have an improved overall journey on your site!

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6. Google Trends【Link

Leveraging billions of searches daily, Google Trends is an invaluable tool for analyzing user search data. With GT's comprehensive keyword and topic frequency tracking over time, you can easily spot the current market direction and predict future trends in your field. Uncover hidden relations between various topics to gain a competitive advantage!

7. Google Ads: Keyword Planner【Link

The Keyword Planner tool within Google Ads is essential for SEO success. Intended to enable users to source keywords to advertise, the Keyword Planner also provides information on what relevant words are available and their monthly search visibility. By investing in this vital resource, you can better understand your target audience's queries and optimize your site accordingly.

If you're interested in setting up and managing Google Ads, the first step is to create a Google Ads account. Once that's done, launch your very first campaign (or use another method of skipping this process). Afterward, navigate to "Tools and Settings" where you will be able to find "Keyword Planner". Now you are ready for Keyword Planner!

8. Google Search【Link

Finally, we must not ignore the tremendous potential of Google Search itself as an SEO tool. By utilizing its search box and recommended terms for keyword research, SEOers can easily carry out their own in-depth analysis to ensure that they are optimizing appropriately for their target audience.

To ensure you are optimizing for the right keyword, start by searching for it in Google and assessing a user's search intent. This will help you to optimize your page or create content that best meets their needs.

Other SEO Tools

Beyond the official Google tools, there are other essential SEO tools available that you should consider. For a comprehensive list of must-have features, explore Mtache's SEO Toolkit.

These are just a few of the incredible SEO tools available from Google. With the help of these, you can take control over your website's ranking and visibility in search engine results pages. So don't wait any longer - start optimizing now! Good luck!

對於SEO從業者來說,有非常多的SEO工具可以選擇,我們選取了8個最重要的並且免費的官方Google SEO工具,不僅可以幫助你解決網站SEO問題,還可以快速提高你的工作效率。

1. Google My Business(Google我的商家)【鏈結

在Google搜索結果右側,有一個名為“Google 我的商家”的本地商家列表,顯示特定的商戶信息。當Google認為用戶搜索確切的公司名稱時,就會顯示這些列表,方便搜尋者立即訪問商家信息,比如商家地址,簡介,營業時間,電話等。除了Google Search,客戶更可以在Google Maps找到這些商家。

Google search result for "media studio", Google my business listing for Media Studio Hong Kong is highlighted

Google My Business主要能使現有及潛在客戶更加容易找到你的公司及跟公司互動。潛在客戶更加方便的找到你的訊息,你可以及時的更新公司的營業地點,營業時間,添加獨特的業務描述,上傳公司圖片,為客戶定制專屬優惠券,並且可以獲得Google商家的客戶評價。這些好處不僅對公司業務有幫助,也是SEO排名重要的一部分。

那如何設置和管理Google My Business呢?

公司首先需要創建Google My Business賬戶,Google會通過郵箱驗證訊息,驗證之後,就可以上傳資料來更新GMB賬戶了。

Google My Business Verification Postcard | Pin Number

2. Google Analytics(Google分析)【鏈結

簡稱GA,是Google推出的網站流量分析的工具,可以說是非常強大的Google SEO工具,而且還是免費的。為了做SEO優化,你必須有最完整的網站數據了解網站可以從搜索引擎得到多少流量,哪個頁面可以得到有效的流量,用戶的搜尋詞以及跳出率等。


那如何設置和管理Google Analystics呢?


3. Google Search Console(Google網站管理員工具)【鏈結

Google Search Console是一款免費的Google SEO工具。通過驗證網站域名,可以直觀的看到網站在Google上的SEO數據表現,同時也能接收Google對網站監測的一些通知和提示信息,有利於更高的管理網站以及提高在Google上的表現,絕對是每個SEOer必要的使用工具。

那如何設置和管理Google Search Console呢?

只需登錄Google Search Console,添加自己網站,對網站所有權進行驗證就可以了

4. Google Mobile-Friendly Test(行動裝置相容性測試)【鏈結




5. Google PageSpeed Insights【鏈結

這是一個檢測網站加載速度的Google SEO工具,通過這款SEO工具分析網站頁面並給出相應的優化建議,網站優化人員可以根據建議找出網站速度的瓶頸所在,並相應的優化網站,給用戶提供更好的體驗。

6. Google Trends【鏈結

Google Trends是基於用戶搜索數據推出的一款分析工具。通過每天Google數十億的搜索數據,GT告訴用戶某個關鍵字或者話題在各個時期下在Google展示的頻率以及相關統計數據。我們可以通過這些數據判斷市場方向以及未來的趨勢等。

7. Google Ads: Keyword Planner(關鍵字策劃工具)【鏈結

在Google Ads裡有一個對SEO非常關鍵的工具:關鍵字策劃工具。Keyword Planner的原意是能讓用戶尋找關鍵詞來賣廣告,但它亦能告訴用戶有哪些相關的關鍵詞,以及它們的每月搜尋量。

那如何設置和管理Google Ads呢?

使用Keyword Planner前,用戶必須擁有一個Google Ads賬戶以及已經建立了第一個廣告系列(或者以其他方法略過建立廣告系列過程)。然後,在“工具和設定”列表中選擇“關鍵字策劃工具”。

8. Google Search(Google搜尋)【鏈結

最後,我們不能忘記很重要但常常被忽略的SEO工具:Google Search本身。SEOer可以利用Google搜尋框的推薦詞用來做Google SEO關鍵字研究。






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