Can I do SEO without a website?

Dec 26, 2021
5 min read
Allen He

SEO is an internet marketing strategy that helps search engines to better understand your content and rank it appropriately for relevant searches. There are many other benefits of SEO as well, including: increasing site traffic by getting higher ranked in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), grabbing the attention of customers who would may not be specifically looking for your brand, and introducing potential customers to your business.

But a majority of the SEO strategies involve the use of websites, so can you do SEO without having a website?

Yes, but there's a catch. Let's go through two of the most popular ways you can do SEO without a website, and discuss whether they can substitute having a website altogether.

Local Results

If you open up Google and search for "restaurant near me", the first thing you'll likely see on the result page, will be some local results of restaurants that are near your physical location.

Those restaurants did not need a website to achieve this. Instead, they created a listing on a directory called Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free listing service from Google that allows businesses to add their information, such as hours of operation, contact information, and website URL, to Google Maps and Google Search. This way, customers can find your business when they are looking for services like yours on the web.

So doing local SEO via Google My Business is as simple as creating a new listing for your business.

Here are some tips to help your listing get a higher rank on Google's local listing:

  • Get good reviews, a listing with lots of good reviews will be beneficial to your SEO rankings. If a customer leaves a review on your listing, make an effort to respond to it, even if it's a bad review.
  • Add relevant information about your business, make sure that the information is complete and up to date, also add a description.
  • Upload relevant images in good quality.

Youtube Video SEO

When you search for "How to make pizza" on Google, you will get video results on the SERP. When you click on one of the videos, you will be redirected to the video's youtube page. This is also a way of doing SEO without a website.

Here are some tips on how to rank your videos higher on the SERP:

  • Use a relevant title, description, and tags. For example, if you have a video on how to make pizza, your title could be "How To Make Pizza" or "Beginner's Guide to Make Great Pizza", with tags such as cooking, pizza, and tutorial.
  • Include or fix your video closed caption. Youtube generates and adds a closed caption to your videos automatically, but those are filled with grammatical errors and misspelled words.
  • Use eye-catchy thumbnails for your videos, this can potentially attract more clicks and increase your video's CTR. This affects your video's ranking significantly.

The Catch

While doing SEO without a website is possible to some degree, can this entirely replace having a website at all? 🤔

According to the 2020 Sistrix Data, the click-through rates (CTR) for Local Results are a lot lower compared to the CTR for Organic Results.

Additionally, your local/video results will show only when Google decides that it's relevant to the query, so the number of keywords you can hit with only local/video SEO may be limited compared to website SEO campaigns.

So although you can do SEO without having a website, we highly recommend that you also have a website to do SEO as well, since it's a lot more effective and versatile.

To illustrate, consider a florist with IG and Facebook profiles only. Pretend for a second to be their potential customer looking for a local florist for a Mother's Day gift. Your search term could be something like "Mother's day bouquet Hong Kong." If you search that on Google right now, how many of the top 10 results are on Facebook or Instagram?

There are many platforms like Shopify and Webflow which enable you to create a website quickly. Or you can contact us to have an SEO-optimized website created for you.

We hope that this article has answered your question on whether or not you can do SEO without having a website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

SEO 是一種網絡營銷策略,可幫助搜索引擎更好地了解您的內容並針對相關搜索對其進行適當排名。搜索引擎優化還有許多其他好處,包括:通過在 SERP(搜索引擎結果頁面)中獲得更高的排名來增加網站流量,吸引可能不會專門尋找您的品牌的客戶的注意力,以及將潛在客戶介紹給您商業。

但是大部分 SEO 策略都涉及網站,那麼您可以在沒有網站的情況下進行 SEO 嗎?

是可以的,但一般來說沒有網站的 SEO 效果不如擁有網站的好。讓我們通過兩種最流行的方式在沒有網站的情況下進行 SEO,並討論它們是否可以完全替代擁有網站。


如果您打開 Google 搜索《我附近的餐廳》,您可能會在結果頁面上看到的第一件事是您所在位置附近餐廳的一些本地搜索結果。

這些餐廳不需要網站來實現這一目標。相反,他們在名為《Google 我的商家》的檔案目錄中創建了一個檔案。

Google 我的商家是 Google 提供的一項免費商家檔案服務,允許商家將其信息(例如營業時間、聯繫信息和網站鏈接)添加到 Google 地圖和 Google 搜索。這樣,當客戶在網絡上尋找與您類似的服務時,他們就可以找到您的檔案。

因此,通過 Google 我的商家進行本地 SEO 非常簡單,只需為你的商業創建一個新的檔案。

以下是一些小貼士,可幫助您的商家檔案在 Google 的本地搜索結果中獲得更高的排名:

  • 獲得好評,擁有大量好評的列表將有利於您的 SEO 排名。如果客戶對您的商家信息發表評論,即使是差評,也要努力做出回應。
  • 添加有關您的業務的相關信息,確保信息完整且最新,並添加說明。
  • 上傳高質量的相關圖片。


當您在 Google 上搜索《如何製作披薩》時,您將在 SERP 上獲得視頻結果。當您單擊其中一個視頻時,您將被重定向到該視頻的 Youtube 頁面。這也是一種在沒有網站的情況下進行 SEO 的方法。

以下是有關如何在 SERP 上對您的視頻進行更高排名的一些小貼士:

  • 使用相關的標題、描述和標籤。例如,如果您有一個關於如何製作比薩餅的視頻,您的標題可以是《如何製作比薩餅》或《製作優質比薩餅的初學者指南》,並帶有諸如烹飪、比薩餅和教程之類的標籤。
  • 包括或修復您的視頻隱藏式字幕。 Youtube 會自動為您的視頻生成並添加隱藏式字幕,但其中充滿了語法錯誤和拼寫錯誤的單詞。
  • 為您的視頻使用引人注目的縮略圖,這可能會吸引更多點擊並提高您視頻的點擊率。這會顯著影響您視頻的排名。


雖然在某種程度上可以在沒有網站的情況下進行 SEO,但這是否可以完全取代擁有網站? 🤔

根據  Sistrix 2020年的數據,本地結果的點擊率 (CTR) 與自然結果的點擊率相比要低得很多。

此外,您的本地/視頻結果僅在 Google 確定它與查詢相關時才會顯示,因此與網站 SEO 相比,僅使用本地/視頻 SEO 可以命中的關鍵字數量可能會受到限制。

因此,雖然您可以在沒有網站的情況下進行 SEO,但我們強烈建議您也有一個網站來進行 SEO,因為它更有效、更通用。

為了說明這一點,請考慮僅擁有 Instagram 和 Facebook 個人簡介的花店。假裝你是他們的潛在客戶,正在尋找當地花店作為母親節禮物。您的搜索詞可能類似於《香港母親節花束》。如果你現在在Google上搜索,前 10 個結果中有多少是在 Facebook 或 Instagram 上的?

有許多平台,如 ShopifyWebflow,可讓您快速創建網站。或者您可以聯繫我們為您創建一個 SEO 優化的網站。

我們希望這篇文章回答了您關於是否可以在沒有網站的情況下進行 SEO 的問題。如果您有任何疑問,請隨時與我們聯繫。