How to Supercharge Your Leads With Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Step Guide for Crafting a High-Performing Ad

Apr 12, 2021
5 min read
Vivian Luk

Are you launching a new product without an existing customer base? Utilize Facebook lead ads to both attract potential customers while also setting up more detailed inquiries about your brand. Don't worry if filling out forms will turn away users - with the click of just one ad, a pop-up window appears and all they need to do is provide their information! How does this work? When someone clicks on a post, the system sends various items that are automatically filled in so it's quick and convenient for them; afterwards, this data is compiled into Excel Forms. With Facebook Lead advertising, you can capture leads rapidly and efficiently.


Facebook Native Lead Form

Advantages of Facebook Lead Form

Pre-filled Forms

Your potential customers will love the convenience of pre-filled forms. With just one click, they can easily fill out the form without having to put too much effort in. This also minimizes form abandonment.

Find Potential Customers

Lead ads help you target potential customers with interest-based targeting. You can easily reach out to the right customers, who are more likely to convert

Customizable Forms

Ask important qualifying questions with customizable forms. You can add as many or as few fields as you want, allowing you to gather the exact information that's most important for your business.

Integration with CRMs

You can sync lead forms with a CRM of your choice. This way, you don't have to manually enter the data received from Facebook Lead.


From offering users quotations or samples to promoting e-newsletter subscriptions and event registration, there are numerous options when it comes to Facebook Lead Ads.


Step1: Start fresh by clicking "Create New Campaign" in the FB Ads backend, and choose "Develop Potential Customers" as your objective. Name it accordingly and click “Create”.

Step2: Access the newly created ad portfolio from the menu page. Take note that Facebook Lead Ads are specific for mobile targeting - hopefully it may soon be available on desktop devices as well.

Step3: To create a lead ad, first switch to the 'Create Ad' subpage. Here you'll fill in the text, title, selection image and call-to-action button - no need to enter a URL if you're used to creating other types of Facebook Ads. Finally, assemble your leads type form and hit submit! With these easy steps done quickly and efficiently, you can look forward to successful results of your new advert.

Tips and Tricks for Making a Good Lead Form

To enhance the accuracy and quality of your data content, consider utilizing a form with user-checked requests. This can be used to ensure users are verifying their information (e.g., product preference or contact details) accurately before submission!.


When creating your advertisement, you have the option to select a background image of either 1200*628 pixels or 1080*1080 pixels. Alternatively, if you already own an image associated with your post that you would like to use for advertising purposes, it can be easily used as the form's background. Additionally, don't forget to set up key points in the title field of your form!

With four different questions types available, and an upper limit of fifteen (not including the standard data queries), you can customize your question set to specifically meet your needs.

Privacy Policies

With the intention of protecting users' personal information, Facebook forms must include an explicit privacy policy and disclaimer of liability. This includes regulations on how user's data may be used by advertisers, a clear statement regarding no arbitrary sale or sharing of sensitive content to third-parties, among other things.


Facebook Lead Ads are a powerful tool for businesses looking to capture leads quickly and efficiently. With its pre-filled forms, customizable questions, integration with CRMs and flexible features, it's easy to see why this platform is becoming increasingly popular among marketers. Moreover, by following the tips and tricks outlined in this article – such as adding key points to your greeting title or including an explicit privacy policy - you can maximize the potential of Facebook Lead Ads even further. All that’s left now is to give them a try! So go ahead: start creating your own lead ads today and watch your sales skyrocket tomorrow!





當用戶按下廣告貼文時,系統會發送選擇項目,並自動填寫基本資料,令用家可即時填寫並提交!此功能可以在短時間收集較多名單,其後資料會直接輸入在Excel Form!











新獲得的潛在顧客名單可以直接與 CRM 同步整合,方便銷售團隊立即採取行動。




Step1: 於FB廣告後台中點選「建立新宣傳活動」,而活動目標請選擇「開發潛在顧客」,同時可輸入廣告活動的名稱,然後「建立」!

Step2: 到廣告組合「選單頁面」,並進入方才建立的廣告組合當中。這部分跟其他廣告目標類型並無大異,唯一的選擇差異就是投放版位僅限於手機,日後或許會再擴展到桌面版位。

Step3: 切換到"建立廣告"選單分頁,並建立廣告。在完成建立名單型廣告的過程中,你依然需要填寫文字、標題、選擇圖像和行動呼籲按鈕,其中的差異是不需要輸入網址,在此目標廣告中指定網址是被抽離的。接著,你需要創建一個名單型廣告表單。







注意!! 隱私政策-免責聲明


最後就是前往您的 Facebook 專頁,請點擊「潛在顧客中心」下載即可。


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