SC Medical Health Group


We produced a series of 10 promotional videos for SC Medical Group, featuring Joe Ma. The campaign leverages Joe's popularity to introduce SC Health's innovative healthcare solutions.

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Video Production

SC Medicial X Joe Ma: Discover the secret to health

At Media Studio, we are proud to be the premier digital marketing production house in Hong Kong and Macau. Our comprehensive services include social media management, video production, website design, and advertising. Recently, we are honored of working with SC Medical Group on an exciting campaign featuring the renowned actor Joe Ma. This collaboration allowed us to blend our expertise with the innovative healthcare solutions of SC Health.

SC Medical Group approached us with a vision: to create a series of promotional videos that would highlight their cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Leveraging the popularity and charisma of Joe Ma, we produced a series of 10 engaging videos that effectively communicated SC Health's mission and offerings. Joe's professionalism and dedication shone through in each video, helping to make the campaign a resounding success.

Our team at Media Studio worked tirelessly to ensure every aspect of the video production met the highest standards. From conceptualization and scripting to filming and post-production, we focused on creating content that resonated with SC Health's audience. The collaboration with Joe Ma was an enriching experience; his expertise and enthusiasm added a dynamic element to the project.

Apart from video production, we were honored to attend the grand opening of SC Medical Health Group. The event was a celebration of innovation and excellence in healthcare, and it was a privilege to be a part of such a momentous occasion. The positive reception of our videos and photographs at the event underscored the impact of our collaborative efforts.

Our partnership with SC Medical Group and Joe Ma has been a rewarding journey, highlighting our ability to deliver compelling content that drives engagement and builds brand identity. We are fortunate to have worked with Joe Ma, whose professionalism and talent greatly contributed to the project's success.