Macau Government - Promotion of New ID Card


Experience Macau's tech evolution with our smart ID card video, created with the Macau government. This project, blending innovation and community, was brought to life through the efforts of talented teams and valued partners.

3D Animation
Video Production
TVP Project
Government and Corporate

Experience the evolution of identity in Macau through our collaboration with the Macau government on a groundbreaking promotional video for the new intelligent ID card. This project integrates cutting-edge technology with community involvement, marking a significant milestone in Macau's technological landscape.

Throughout this endeavor, our team navigated challenges that expanded our creative horizons and strengthened our resolve. Working closely with talented individuals who joined us on this transformative journey, we pioneered new approaches in media production.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to all actors whose professionalism and enthusiasm brought our vision to life. Their contributions were pivotal to the success of this ambitious campaign.

Looking ahead, inspired by our achievements, we are eager to explore new possibilities and elevate our standards even further. We sincerely thank our collaborators from Media Studio Hong Kong and Macau College for their invaluable contributions.