DIGI AD PUBLISH 星塵画報──遇見90位香港電影女角色


4th HK DigiAd X Pub was an open marketing competition. Out of 56 applying teams and 12 competing teams, we partnered with Feifan Publishing and won first place.

Marketing Campaign
Video Production
Social Media Management
Influencer Marketing

The 4th HK Digital Advertising Start-ups X Publishing (Writers) Promotion Support Scheme is sponsored by the "Create Hong Kong" (CreateHK) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and organized by the Hong Kong Interactive Marketing Association. The support scheme aims to fund 12 local digital advertising start-ups to create customized digital advertising campaigns for 12 local emerging writers and their designated works. Each selected start-up will receive a maximum funding of HK$240,000 and will be provided with expert guidance and exhibition promotion channels for the production and execution of the digital advertising campaigns.

We partnered with Feifan Publishing to create a marketing campaign for a short film starring Cecilia Choi. Our campaign won first place in the competition.

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Award ceremony