Deciding Between Luminar AI and Lightroom Classic: A Comprehensive Comparison

Dec 12, 2021
5 min read
Allen He

Lightroom is a powerful photo editor with many useful features, but for some may be too complicated to use. Luminar AI, on the other hand, is easier to work with due to its intuitive interface and enables users to quickly edit photos. It also offers more features than Lightroom, allowing you to edit images in several ways. Are you unsure which tool best fits your needs? Keep reading to make an informed decision.

1. Ease of Use

While Lightroom Classic may have a steep learning curve, Adobe's new version of the software is much simpler for beginners. For those completely unfamiliar with photo editing, Luminar AI has features that are easier to understand. We recommend first getting acquainted with Lightroom and grasping basic concepts such as color temperature and contrast before deciding which program to dive deeper into.

Winner: Draw


Luminar AI's AI-driven capabilities help you to quickly improve your photos in an instant, even for beginners. For example, the AI Sky Enhancer automatically adjusts colors and tones of skies, making your pictures look more real. Moreover, built-in noise reduction tools enable you to remove unwanted speckles from images effortlessly.

In comparison with Lightroom Classic’s editing windows that are not as intuitive or user friendly; Luminar AI has plenty more editing possibilities and a much smoother interface - so if you want to rapidly edit some photographs while receiving excellent results then opting for Luminar AI is likely the better choice!

Lightroom Classic on the left, Luminar AI on the right

Winner: Luminar

3. Exporting

For those seeking to export their work, Luminar AI offers basic exporting options which may be sufficient for beginners but insufficient for professionals. On the other hand, Lightroom Classic provides an extensive range of exports and even has a print option if needed. Thus, if you need multiple output choices then Lightroom Classic is probably the better choice overall.

Luminar AI has limited export options.
Lightroom Classic has more advanced export options.

Winner: Lightroom Classic

4. Pricing

Adobe's Lightroom is part of the monthly subscription with a fee around HK$68/month, whereas for Luminar AI you only need to pay an one-time costs of HK$616. At the time this article was written,  Luminar AI offers discount up to 250 dollars which reduces its price down to HK$366. Therefore in terms of pricing, you will get more value by using Luminar as it much cheaper in the long run and requires no additional payment afterwards.

Luminar AI US Prices

Here's the catch—Lightroom and Lightroom Classic are two separate software packages offered by Adobe, so make sure to select the photography plan to get Lightroom Classic.

Winner: Luminar

If you're unfamiliar with either of these software programs, check out the beginner's guides for Luminar AI and Lightroom to get started.


When deciding between Luminar AI and Lightroom Classic, it ultimately depends on your use case. Professional photographers who work with multiple clients may find better value in the subscription-based Lightroom Classic; alternatively, if you are already using components of Adobe Suite, this might be a more suitable choice for its integration capabilities.

For non-professionals or those just starting out with photo editing software, Luminar AI is typically more cost effective.

We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision when picking photo editing software - thank you for reading.

Lightroom 是一款功能強大的照片編輯器,具有許多有用的功能,但對於某些人來說可能過於復雜。Luminar AI 更易於使用,因為它具有直觀的界面,可以輕鬆快速地編輯照片。它還提供了比 Lightroom 更多的功能,可以幫助您以各種方式編輯圖像。如果您正在尋找可以滿足您需求的執相工具,就繼續閱讀這篇文章吧!


Lightroom Classic 的學習曲線可能比 Luminar AI 更陡峭,但 Adobe 有提供較容易上手的新版 Lightroom 供初學者選擇。對於完全未試過編輯圖片的初學者來說, Luminar AI 的功能會比較容易理解。我們則建議先學習 Lightroom ,了解編輯圖片的基本道理(如什麼是色溫、對比度等等),再去決定深究哪一個軟件。



Luminar AI 的 AI 驅動功能可以幫助您非常快速地改進照片,即使對於初學者也是如此。例如,AI Sky Enhancer 可以自動校正天空的顏色和色調,這可以使您的照片看起來更逼真。 Luminar 還具有內置的降噪工具,可以幫助您去除照片中不需要的噪點。

與 Ligthroom Classic 相比,Luminar AI 中還有更多的編輯工具。

兩者之間的編輯窗口非常相似,但 Lightroom Classic 的編輯窗口不太直觀,因此您可能會使用 Luminar AI 的編輯窗口獲得更好的用戶體驗。

因此,如果您只想快速編輯一些照片並想要獲得不錯的效果,Luminar AI 可能是更好的選擇。

左側為 Lightroom Classic,右側為 Luminar AI。



在導出方面,Luminar AI 的導出選項非常有限,它只提供基本的導出選項。對於初學者來說可能已經足夠了,但是對於專業人士來說,他們可能需要多種導出選項。

另一方面,Lightroom Classic 具有廣泛的導出選項,如果您需要導出進行打印,它也有打印選項。

因此,如果您需要以多種選擇進行導出,Lightroom Classic 可能是更好的選擇。

Luminar AI 的選擇非常有限。

Lightroom Classic 有更多選項可供選擇。

獲勝者:Lightroom Classic


Adobe 的 Lightroom 是月度訂閱的一部分,每月費用約為 $68,而對於 Luminar AI,您只需支付 $616的一次性費用,在撰寫本文時,Luminar AI 提供 $250的折扣,從而價格降至 $366。

因此,就定價而言,您將使用 Luminar 獲得更好的價值,因為從長遠來看,它便宜得多,而且您只需支付一次費用。

Luminar AI的美元價格

這裡要注意的是,Lightroom 和 Lightroom Classic 在 Adobe 上是不同的軟件,所以要選擇攝影計劃


如果你對這兩款軟件不太熟悉,可以看下 Luminar AILightroom 的入門指南。


Luminar AI 和 Lightroom Classic 各有利弊,最終選擇哪一個取決於您的用例。

Lightroom Classic 更適合與許多客戶打交道的專業人士,儘管它採用訂閱模式,但物有所值。或者,如果您已經在使用 Adob​​e Suite 中的其他軟件,這對您來說也可能是更好的選擇,因為集成會更好。

如果您不打算專業地編輯圖像或初學者,Luminar AI 會更划算。