Unlocking the Power of IG Reels: How to Use IG Reels for Marketer

Apr 13, 2022
5 min read
Vivian Luk

Have you familiarized yourself with Instagram Reels (IG Reels) yet? This is the latest digital marketing trend that has just arrived in Hong Kong. If you want to stay ahead of the game, it's essential for marketers and entrepreneurs to get acquainted with this new platform! Here's what you need to know about IG Reels - let us show you how it works.

IG Reels Introduction

IG Reels provides independent creators and brands the opportunity to create unique content with a 15-second video limit, similar to TikTok's ShakeTone feature. This includes access to AR effects filters and soundtracks that can help boost engagement on the platform.

Furthermore, companies now have an advertising option through Reels; viewers are able to click, comment or share posts as well as add #hashtags which further enhances their chances of being found by potential consumers online.

Reels Features

Video Editor

Craft video content with remarkable features such as audio effects, soundtracks from the Instagram library, time limits and much more. Unlock the full potential of your creativeness by adding captivating filters and unimaginable mashups all within the native Instagram app.

Combine Multiple Photos and Videos

With the ability to upload both videos and images, users can give their followers a truly varied array of content that is sure to keep them engaged.


Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, content creators can connect with both local and global users by linking their Reels to the wider audience of the Facebook platform.

Reels Feed

IG Reels Feed makes it easier for users to find content that interests them. Through its algorithm, the platform can recommend videos and posts tailored to the user's preferences, based off of their past interactions or interests such as hashtags and keywords. By learning from user behavior, IG Reels Feed becomes a powerful tool for uncovering potential connections

You need to understand IG Reels as a marketer

One of the most fascinating facets for marketers in regards to IG Reels is its ability to "reach more potential audiences" within the posting settings: Instagram recently unveiled a new Reels feature which pushes posted videos via dynamic messaging, centered around users with similar types of profiles based on what account they are following. For instance, if you create a video that has nothing to do with any particular topic, it will be automatically promoted out to followers who prefer culinary-related content. Furthermore, from our experience at MS, we have noticed that IG Reel videos tend to get significantly higher views as compared to other digital mediums such as regular posts and time-limited stories!

How to make an IG Reels? Follow these 4 easy steps:

Step 1

Tap the "+" or add story and select Reels.

Step 2

Start filming or add photos/videos.

Step 3

Editing tools open up a world of possibilities for your multimedia projects, allowing you to apply music, adjust the speed, add effects and more.

Step 4

Once you've completed your Reels, share them on Stories and the Reels Feed for maximum exposure.


With Instagram Reels, it can be easier than ever for merchants to reach potential customers and build their brand. Media Studio HK offers a range of services to help merchants make the most of this new platform, such as producing high-quality IG Reels videos that capture the attention of their target audience. Contact us using the form below to learn more!

Instagram Reels或IG Reels正式登陸香港,你有使用過嗎?要成為網上營銷的先行者,你要知道Instagram Reels是一個不可不知的Digital Marketing新趨勢。讓我們簡介下如何使用IG Reels吧。

IG Reels 簡介

IG Reels擁有類似TikTok(抖音)15秒短片功能。

Reels 短片的特點在於結合配樂,AR特效濾鏡,來幫助獨立創作者與品牌發佈更多元、有趣的創意內容。


Reels 功能及好處有幾下幾點:


用許多有用的feature來創作有趣的內容,例如特效功能濾鏡、定時器、Instagram 音樂庫、音效、混合短片等等,玩法多不勝數。




因為Instagram是在Facebook公司名下的,所以創作者可以聯動Facebook平台的Facebook Reels,從而連接更多當地用戶及全球用戶。


Instagram Reels 會通過各種用戶的喜好來過濾他們在Instagram Reels上的Reels Feed。例如,一個用戶喜歡原創音樂影片,那Instagram Reels就會在用戶的reels feed上顯示關於原創音樂創作者的的短片。

作為 Marketer 的你為什麼要立即搞懂 IG Reels

IG Reels最值得Marketer關注的是,可以在“接觸更多潛在受眾”的發佈設定:Instagram是新增Reels動態消息的功能,會依照創作者所追蹤的賬號類型,將所發佈的影片推播給相似類型的用戶觀看。例如,如果創作者拍攝與沒事有關的影片,該影片將會被自動推介給關注美食的使用者。

另外,以我們MS的實際使用經驗,IG Reels的影片比起IG Post的影片以及IG Story限時動態通常能獲得更多影片觀看次數

那接下來就跟著以下四個步驟,跟上 IG Reels 熱潮!

Step 1

點擊Story拍攝功能並切換到 Reels 模式。

Step 2


Step 3


Step 4

製作完成後,將 Reels 分享到Stories和Reels Feed。


Social media marketing 現在不可忽視,而IG Reels是現在marketing的熱門,所以現在拿起你的手機來發佈IG Reels吧!

如果你想要用IG Reels來吸引商戶,Media Studio HK 提供各種Social media marketing的服務,包括IG Reels的短片製作。