What is a good CTR (Click-through Rate) on Google Ads?

Nov 7, 2021
5 min read
Ryan Lee

Are you searching for ways to optimize your Google Ads performance? If so, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Click-Through Rate (CTR) are two things that should be at the top of your list. CTR is calculated by dividing how many clicks an ad receives per its number of displays. For example, if a single ad earns 5 clicks out of 100 impressions, then it has a click through rate of 5%. Generally speaking, according to market data, the average CTR for search engine ads on Google stands at 1.91%, while display ads have around 0.35%. With these facts in mind, now's definitely the time to start optimizing!

Search Ads prove to be incredibly successful when it comes to gaining clicks, and for two primary reasons. For one thing, they are shown under search results at the exact moment a user is looking for something specific. On the other hand, display ads usually appear while users are engaged in various activities such as shopping or watching videos - not specifically searching like with searches ads. Additionally, these text-based advertisements appear above organic results which makes them more visible than ever before!

Generally, a satisfactory click-through rate for your Google search ad is around 2%, although this can vary depending on the industry.

CTR by Industry


How to improve Google Ads CTR?


Optimize Keywords: Optimizing keywords is a key strategy to increase Google Ads CTR. By refining and evaluating the relevancy of keywords, Google Ads can ensure that ads are placed in front of potential customers who are actively searching for relevant products or services.

Optimize Ad Headlines: Your search ad's headline stands out above the rest - It is typically bolder, brighter and the first thing your audience will notice. Therefore, experimenting with different headlines is essential to discover what works best for you and entice people to take action like free shipping or promotional discounts. Take advantage of this opportunity so users are more likely click on your ad!

Write Compelling Copy: An eye-catching headline may grab the attention of readers, but it’s high-quality content that drives conversions. Outline all the advantages your product or service offers and then prompt users with a gripping call to action at the end like "buy now" and "start today". To make your message as compelling as possible, don't forget to sprinkle in intoxicating power words – think "you", "best", “quick”, “easy” - throughout!

Aim for 100: Generally, the greater your ad's click-through rate (CTR), the higher it will rank. Investing more time and resources into refining your high performing keywords can help boost visibility in Google Ads. The ad quality score also provides useful ideas as to how you can further optimize its CTR for even better rankings.

Add Additional Information:You can boost your search results visibility by including additional information such as your company's address, contact number, or key pages. This is an effective way to entice users and draw attention to your advertisement content.

Grab Attention Through Design: To be successful on the Google Display Network, you must maximize user engagement with your ads. Start by studying analytics and design an enticing ad that captures attention - this could mean all the difference between success or failure.


就先從點擊率開始說起。點擊率(Click Through Rate, CTR)是顯示用戶在看到您的廣告或免費產品資訊後點擊的頻率。計算方法是將廣告獲得的點擊次數除以廣告的展示次數。舉例來說,若您獲得 5 次點擊和 100 次展示,點擊率就是 5%。根據最新的研究顯示, Google搜尋廣告的平均點擊率為1.91%,而顯示廣告為0.35%。









從內容入手:一個好的標題能夠吸引到使用者的眼光,但是好的內容才是提升轉換率的重點。明確地列出你産品或服務的賣點,然後再在結尾加上簡潔有力的行動呼籲(call to action, CTA)去吸引消費者,例如使用「立即購買」和「馬上開始」等的字句。你亦可以加入「你」「最好」「快捷」「容易」等的所謂特效字(Power Words),讓你的內容錦上添花。

做足100分:一般而言,廣告點擊率越高,排名就越好。你可以考慮投放更多資源予您的高轉換率關鍵字以換取更高的排名。Google Ads裡顯示的質數分數則能提供加分建議,提升廣告點擊率。