While traditional degrees are common requirements for careers in Hong Kong, there are more flexible educational options available.

Aug 5, 2022
5 min read
Angus Yip

As the development of the world stimulates growth in the business and freelance sector, the approach to education changes. To meet the growing demand in the business world, the international scope adapts new forms and methods of education. More and more people are becoming familiar with alternative forms of education, which may lead to more flexible educational requirements in places like Hong Kong.

Current Education Status in Hong Kong 

Known for its skyscrapers and a knack for entrepreneurship, Hong Kong embraces the British education system. It features primary, middle, secondary, and tertiary forms of education. The strong tertiary education system attracts students at local and international levels. 

Among the best universities are University of Hong Kong, and Chinese University of Hong Kong. To ensure its students get nothing but value, the city maintains high-level control in the educational processes. 

Many potential employers in Hong Kong require at least an undergraduate degree. According to Statista, in 2020, there were over 92,000 students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs in Hong Kong. 

Alternatives to the Hong Kong Education System 

As much as going through the system will help you reap great benefits, you can always look for other forms of education. Some students go through bootcamps and other vocational training programs to acquire real-world skills. These are excellent options if you would prefer a more flexible and affordable form of education. The platforms also feature flexible learning programs that can fit into a professional’s schedule.

Compared to the current education system in Hong Kong, these education platforms are much shorter. Instead of spending years acquiring a set of skills in any industry, you can master essential skills for a specific field in a matter of weeks or months. 

The students often end up with careers in data science, software engineering, and cyber security. If you want a career in web development, you can master technical skills at a coding bootcamp

Job Requirements in Hong Kong

There are numerous opportunities in the Hong Kong job market. Whether you want to become a web designer, software developer, or digital marketer, with the right skills you should have career options. The greatest challenge people in Hong Kong face is the high-level education job requirement. Most employers prefer applicants who have at least a four-year degree. 

However, instead of seeking employment, you can opt for a career in freelancing or start a business. The fast economy in Hong Kong is suitable for freelancers and business owners. If you have good mastery of technical skills, you will have many job opportunities at your disposal. 

What Next in the Hong Kong Education Sector?

Education renewal cannot be avoided at the city or global level. There is a need to revise the academic structure, admission system, and assessment structure. This will ensure students receive quality education aligning to the current Hong Kong job market. Education reforms that inform the advancement of education in Hong Kong are essential in ensuring learners keep abreast of in-demand knowledge and skills. 

As the future of Hong Kong lies in artificial intelligence, there is a need for students to prepare for careers in technology. You can expect an increase in cutting-edge technology in the education sector to ensure there are more efficient ways of learning. This will prompt more research and consequently more technology advancement. 

In addition, Hong Kong could pull away from the exam-oriented education system. This system is relatively hard on learners. It places too much unnecessary pressure on students that has a long term negative effect. Its new curriculum may be more project based, which helps learning to become more effective. 

To ensure everyone has access to education, there could be newer ways of acquiring top-notch skills. You can expect new education platforms and methods of study. The varying education platforms will provide learners with a relatively affordable and competitive curriculum. This is essential to address new demands in the market. In addition, you can expect the prevalence of online education.


As much as most employers in Hong Kong prefer a university degree holder, the future of education in Hong Kong cannot be sustained by tertiary education alone. As new forms of education like bootcamps become more prevalent, more business owners and multinational companies in the city might start to embrace the diversity other education platforms offer. Students from bootcamps, Massive Open Online Courses, and vocational centres possess excellent technical ability.