How To Have The Best Linkedin Photos To Promote Yourself

Jan 8, 2022
5 min read
Allen He

LinkedIn is a social networking website that professional people use to post their profiles, connect with other professionals in their field, and search for jobs. It's basically the Facebook of business. Everyone uses LinkedIn these days because it can help find new job opportunities or even provide references for potential employers.

A good LinkedIn profile will attract recruiters. Some things that you should avoid are: no profile picture, bad photos (e.g., bad lighting), party photos, side-facing pictures). A few things you should do are have eye contact with the camera, take good quality photos with proper lighting on your face, and clean background. You want to make sure your LinkedIn photo stands out so potential employers will see your profile first!

No photo - Not having a profile picture is just as bad as having the worst profile picture ever made. Having no photo at all will make potential employers think that you do not wish to be found or that your identity is hidden for some reason.

Bad photos:

  1. Bad lighting -  The lighting on your face is just as important as having a good backdrop.  There should be minimal shadows on your face, so it's best to have a clear day outside. If you don't have time to take pictures during the day, then use some good lighting indoors with lamps or artificial light.
  2. Bad background - Your background matters just as much as your eyes in the picture! Make sure that there are no messy objects
  3. Messy background - Messy backgrounds can be distracting from the subject of the photo.
  4. Party photos - Your LinkedIn profile photo should not be taken during a party or drunken event. This  is unprofessional for a business website.
  5. Side-facing -  Side-facing pictures do not show your face well. You want to have a front-facing photo because it shows your face clearly and is more attractive.

Some bad photos example:

Good photos:

  1. Eye contact - Eye contact with the camera will give the picture soul and life, so make sure you are looking in the  direction of the camera when taking a selfie or
  2. dressed professionally -   You want to look professional in your photo so make sure you dress nicely, not too casual. Otherwise, recruiters might think that you don't care enough about the company.
  3. Clean background - Having a clean, clear background will show that you are organized and have a good sense of space. This is important because it will look attractive to potential employers who might want to hire you.
  4. All photos should be high quality - You should try to use high-resolution photos so they can be enlarged and seen in great quality. If you don't have a high-resolution photo, then you can use the website Pixlr to edit your photos for free!
  5. Good lighting - Make sure there is good lighting on your face so potential employers can see the details of the skin and eyes.
  6. Clean backdrop - The background should be clean and not messy or distracting from what matters in the picture most: your face!
  7. Smile! -  A genuine, warm smile will go a long way to brighten up your profile! No one wants to hire someone who looks grumpy, so be sure to have a smile ready for your profile picture.

Some good photos example from our LinkedIn Photo shooting services: