How Much Does It Cost To Invest In SEO for Small Businesses?

Feb 11, 2022
5 min read
Angus Yip

How much does it cost to invest in SEO? Asking how companies calculate the fees for their services can be confusing, as there's no one-size-fits-all answer. The monthly investment may range depending on a variety of factors such as number and competitiveness of keywords, industry specifics, etcetera.

The qualifications and experience levels between various agencies providing these types of services also vary greatly – but an ideal benchmark is anywhere from US$1,000 up to US$10,000 per month; although this figure may shift with each project’s particulars.

Uncovering the answer to how much one should be spending on SEO search engine optimization is a process that requires us to identify some essential elements. Five key aspects of SEO are: link building, content creation, keyword research, analytics reporting and technical SEO. These five fundamental components can be found in any reputable company's services package. Let's explore the expenditure associated with each element per month:

Keyword Research

Tools you need

The amount you pay for the tool depends on which one you choose. Although Google's keyword tool is free, it only provides up to 10 recommendations per search.

Paid Tools

Google Adwords Keyword Research is a paid version of its keyword tool that allows for more search queries and suggested keywords, accompanied by data such as historical search volume for the target keyword, competition level and overall number of relevant keywords. Compared to the free version where accuracy with monthly searches are limited, these elements can be beneficial in helping you reach your SEO goals. Of course there's various other platforms out there like Ahrefs or SEMrush which also provide this feature - making it easier than ever before to maximize on organic traffic within your website!

Tools Cost

Generally, the cost of these tools will depend on your business needs and could range from US$20 to around US$250 each month. If you are just starting out, we suggest beginning with a more economical tier since you won't gain nearly as much value from an expensive one.

Link Building

Link building is the practice of creating and collecting backlinks to your website. Backlinks are simply links from other websites that search engines use as a ranking element. The cost of each link varies, ranging anywhere from mere cents to more than US$1000; however, there are numerous components involved when it comes to the price tag on a backlink.

The cost of buying Backlinks

First of all, Google does not encourage buying backlinks and will punish sites that it thinks is buying backlinks. It's better to do outreach or other organic methods of building backlinks.

But for the sake of this

Starting off, purchasing a Backlink may not be the most beneficial decision as you want an SEO-friendly link that usually averages a few hundred. Depending on your keyword competition, it's possible to need 10 to 100 backlinks - meaning even at its least expensive point, you'd have to spend a few thousand! And when we talk about higher end links such as Forbes? Just one of these costlier backlinks will leave you flabbergasted!

If you're unable to allocate funds for this endeavor, then consider alternate solutions.

Alternatively, hire whitehat link builders

To address this dilemma, hiring a link building expert who offers SEO services is the most viable solution. The going rate for such specialists stands at approximately $100 per hour in today's competitive SEO landscape; therefore, if you need 10 links each month, it will cost an estimated $1000 monthly. This price point beats what you would have to pay out of pocket for Backlinks by far - making it the ideal option for your business!


Content creation is essential to build a successful business website, as it enhances readability, usability and accessibility. Though prices may vary depending on the amount of content desired and its complexity, most bloggers will charge no less than US$100 for every post. It's worth noting that this cost covers specialized SEO-optimized content rather than just any type of material; hence why some writers might propose you a slightly higher fee beforehand.

The cost of content creation for your business varies depending on the frequency that you need to generate new material. It is suggested (by HubSpot research, again) to post up to 8 blog posts each month in order achieve optimal success. Subsequently, the amount you spend monthly on content production will be between $500 and $1000.


SEO analytics reports can be an incredibly beneficial tool for any website. Google's free, albeit limited, analytics report should suffice when you first begin your journey into understanding your audience and their behaviors. As far as what you'll pay each month goes, the cost is virtually nothing due to its totally free nature! Nevertheless, once your site begins gaining more traction in terms of traffic it would behoove you to invest in a more sophisticated system like Ahrefs (starting at $99/month) that will provide comprehensive data about various aspects of SEO analysis.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the practice of optimizing your website to boost its SERP rankings. There are numerous technical aspects that may require a professional consultant's attention in order to accurately solve them. To get an estimate on the cost of these services, provide a list of issues you need help with and ask for quotes from different SEO optimization companies. When employing an expert within this field, it's vital to differentiate between white hat or black hat specialists – we recommend engaging with those who abide by Google’s best practices at all times as they'll bring greater long-term benefits for your site. Generally speaking, monthly fees range from $400 - $1000 depending on what needs fixing!

To summarize, it's possible to spend as little as $1000 per month on SEO for small websites.

And this number could be less if you're the more hands-on type. SEO prices can fluctuate depending on the size of the project and its details, like keyword volume, competition in a given industry, long-tail vs. short-tail keywords - you name it! At any stage of website development or growth, an agency's approach to SEO pricing will differ with each unique circumstance. As we mentioned earlier on: when it comes to cost estimation for search engine optimization services there is no one-size fits all solution!

SEO Agencies

As many of the procedures mentioned above require gaining practical experience and skill, small- to medium-sized enterprises often choose to outsource SEO services. Each company works differently in terms of their fees structure: some may charge a flat fee for each service rendered while others may set rates based on an hourly or project basis.

If your budget is tight, we highly suggest experimenting with PPC or video marketing. We trust this article has provided you a clearer picture of the expenses associated with monthly SEO services. Should you have any queries, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

探索真實的 SEO 費用

要做 SEO 究竟有什麼費用? SEO 公司收費又如何計算?找出每月 SEO 的真實花費可能會令人傷腦筋,因為有許多因素會影響您企業的 SEO 花費。

好吧,老實說,SEO 的真實花費沒有一個標準答案。每月 SEO 的花費可能會因關鍵字的數量、關鍵字組別競爭程度、行業等因數而有所分別。提供 SEO 服務的 SEO 公司的經驗和資格也有很大差異。

然而,關於預算 SEO 費用一個好的經驗法則是每月 HK$8,000 至 HK$80,000不等,儘管由於項目的具體情況,它可能或多或少。



SEO搜尋引擎優化五個關鍵要素,以確保您的網站在 SERP 上排名良好

  • 鏈接建設
  • 內容創作
  • 關鍵詞研究
  • 分析報告
  • 技術SEO搜索引擎優化





根據您使用的工具,這在成本上可能會有很大差異。 Google 的關鍵字工具是免費的,但每次搜索只能推薦 10 個關鍵字。我的另一篇文章有探討過有什麼免費的 Google 官方 SEO 工具可供使用。


Google還有一個付費版本的關鍵字工具,叫做“Google Adwords Keyword Research”,它允許更多的搜索查詢和建議的關鍵字,並提供目標關鍵字的歷史搜索量,關鍵字競爭度于關鍵字數量,這似乎非常有用。免費版與付費版的區別在於每月搜尋量的準確度。

當然,市面上的其他付費 SEO 工具也包括了這個功能,例如 Ahrefs 與 SEMrush 的工具。


一般來說,這些工具的花費會根據您的業務需要來改變,每月可能花費您 HK$200 至 HK$2000。通常供應商會為您提供不同的層級供您選擇,如果您剛剛開始,我們建議您從更便宜的層級開始。因為更昂貴的等級不會讓你受益太多。





剛開始時,購買Backlink可能不是最佳選擇,因為您想要平均每個鏈接 HK$2800左右的高 SEO 效益 Backlink,而一個鏈接是不夠的,根據您的關鍵字競爭,可能需要大約 10 到 100 個反向鏈接。


對於較高端的鏈接,例如 Forbes,一個 Backlink 的花費會讓您大吃一驚!




解決此問題的最佳方法是聘請 提供SEO服務的鏈接建設專家。







請記住,我們談論的是針對您網站的 SEO 優化的內容,而不僅僅是任何內容。因此,如果內容作者quote你高昂費用請不要吃驚。



因此,您的企業在內容創作上的每月成本將介於 HK$3200 至 HK$6400 之間。






但是,當您的網站開始獲得更多流量時,您應該考慮使用更高級的工具,例如 Ahrefs(起價 HK$800/月),它可以讓您對 SEO 分析報告有更多的見解。


技術 SEO簡單地說就是SEO網站優化以提高其在 Google 搜索引擎中的排名的過程。許多不同的技術問題可能會影響您的排名,並且需要有經驗的專業人士來解決它們。

技術 SEO 服務預期每月費用

此類別的花費會根據您需要修復的內容而有所不同。一般來說,如果您想估計它的成本,請列出您想要解決的問題,並詢問 SEO 優化公司他們會收取多少費用。

在聘請這方面的專家時,要注意有黑帽 SEO 和白帽 SEO 的專家,兩者分別在於使用 Google 建議的最佳應用方式與否。我們建議盡量僱用白帽 SEO 專家,這對您網站的長期 SEO 比較好。

通常此類別的每月費用範圍為 HK$2300 至 HK$6200


關鍵詞研究 - HK$200

鏈接建設 - HK$3000

內容創作/站內優化服務 - HK$3200

分析報告 - HK$0

技術 SEO - HK$2300

總共每月約HK$8700,但這只是針對一個新網站的小量關鍵字,對於處於不同階段的網站,任何 SEO 機構的 SEO 收費方式都會根據項目的範圍而有所不同。

正如我們在開始時提到的,在 SEO 世界中,SEO 的真實花費會由許多因素而異,例如關鍵字數量、行業關鍵字競爭度及短尾vs長尾關鍵字等等因數。

SEO 公司

上述不少操作程序不是一瞬就能學會的技巧,所以不少中小企業會選擇使用 SEO 公司或 SEO 服務商來處理,每間 SEO 公司的收費方式頁會有區別。

SEO 月費計劃 + 專業網頁設計優惠套餐

要最大化 SEO 服務的效果,就需為您的網站建立高轉換率的網頁設計。我們的 SEO Hong Kong + SEO 網頁設計服務套餐能享有套餐折扣優惠,甚至能免去網站設計及開發收費!按此了解更多我們的網頁設計公司服務

SEO 月費計劃

如果您有興趣參與我們的每月 SEO 收費服務,讓你的 SEO 網站在目標關鍵字上的搜索結果頁上獲取排名,請隨時在此處了解更多信息及索取 SEO 報價。

如果您的預算有限,我們建議您嘗試按點擊付費 (PPC) 營銷或視頻營銷策略。

我們希望這篇文章幫助您更好地了解每月 SEO 服務的成本。如果您有任何問題,請隨時與我們聯繫。